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I am so glad you are here! I am a licensed professional counselor-associate and owner of Flourishing Minds, PLLC. My solo practice focuses on providing a safe, nurturing and supportive environment where clients can feel safe to explore their individual stories and learn to rediscover and learn new tools to live happier lives. Take a look around and if you feel we'd be a good fit, reach out to set up a free 15-minute consultation with me. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve a more fulfilling and empowered life.

About me:

Hi there, I'm Jennifer! I'm a first-generation Mexican American born in California but have called Texas my home since 2007. I earned both my bachelor's and master's degrees from UTSA, and I'm now a licensed professional counselor associate (LPC-A) and licensed chemical dependency counselor (LCDC) in the state of Texas, with a National Certified Counselor Certification. 

I'm passionate about social justice issues and work to promote equality and inclusion in all areas of my life. My personal values and experiences influence my approach to therapy, as I prioritize building strong relationships with my clients and creating a safe, non-judgmental space for them to explore their concerns. I enjoy working with clients on a wide range of concerns, but I'm particularly drawn to working with clients seeking support for relational trauma, domestic abuse, substance abuse, first-gen concerns, depression, and anxiety. While working together, you can expect patience, respect, authenticity, and ultimately a place where you feel safe & seen regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, race, or background.

When working with my clients, I offer educational material, I help them work through self-defeating thoughts, I support them in rebuilding and strengthening their relationships with others and creating new healthy relationships moving forward, I work with them in implementing and enforcing healthy boundaries, feeling more secure in relationships, strengthening their sense of identity by increasing awareness of values, core beliefs, and interests, and I assist them in identifying and replacing behaviors that are no longer serving them. 

When I'm not meeting with clients, I enjoy spending time out in nature, watching documentaries, tending to my plants, painting/drawing, learning new things, and seeing new places. I'm committed to ongoing personal and professional development and regularly seek out new skills and approaches to enhance the therapeutic experience for my clients. If you're interested in learning more about how I can support you, schedule a free 15-minute consultation at the button below, or send an email! :)

Therapist located in texas, providing online, in-person, and walk and talk therapy. Specializing in substance abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety.


M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

University of Texas at San Antonio

B.A. in Psychology

University of Texas at San Antonio


Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate, #87037

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, #16411

National Certified Counselor, #1550387

Specializing in:

Relational trauma can take many forms, including emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, and betrayal. Regardless of the specific nature of the trauma, it can leave deep emotional wounds that may impact your ability to form healthy relationships and find fulfillment in life.

As you work through the effects of relational trauma, you may experience a range of emotions, including fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, shame, and guilt. However, I want to reassure you that healing is possible. Together, we can work through the effects of relational trauma and help you develop healthy coping mechanisms, build stronger relationships, and find a sense of peace and fulfillment in life.

Domestic abuse can take many forms and can be incredibly difficult to navigate alone. You may be feeling scared, confused, alone, misunderstood, shame, and anxiety among many other things. It's important to know that you do not deserve to be treated this way and that support is available.

While we work to address this concern, you can expect education about the dynamics of domestic abuse, help developing safety plans, connecting you with appropriate resources and support services, and addressing the lingering effects of domestic abuse. 

Depression is a common mental health condition that can have a significant impact on one's quality of life. It is characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed. Depression can have many different causes, including biological, psychological, and social factors. Regardless of the specific cause, depression can leave you feeling disconnected from others, unmotivated, and hopeless.

Through therapy, we can explore the root causes of your depression and help you develop new skills that promote healing and growth. We can also identity coping strategies to manage symptoms and develop skills to improve communication and relationships, which can lead to increased social support and a sense of connection.

If you're struggling with anxiety, you're not alone. Anxiety can cause a range of symptoms that can be distressing and overwhelming, such as persistent worry, fear, and physical discomfort. It can make it difficult to enjoy life's experiences and may even affect your relationships and daily activities.

Together, we can help you manage your anxiety through evidence-based treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions.

Being 1st generation myself, I recognize the unique challenges that first-generation individuals face.  Many first-generation individuals face unique challenges that can impact their academic and career success, as well as their mental health and well-being.

Through therapy, we can explore and manage feelings of anxiety, stress, imposter syndrome, cultural identity, and family expectations. While working together, you can expect a safe and supportive environment to navigate the complex dynamics of being first generation.

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